The Logistik Centrum Hamburg lives logistics

LCH provides individualized comprehensive service in all aspects of warehouse logistics. We create customized solutions to fit your needs.

From receiving goods and quality control to packaging, commissioning, shipping, and finally managing returned goods, LCH offers exactly the level of support you need. You decide which processes we take over and take off your mind.

Think in details, with a big view.

LCH stands out amongst the crowd through our ability to react to challenges quickly and flexibly, all the while delivering high quality results. We achieve this through our dedication to implementing the most modern standards in warehousing technology, safety, and development.

Getting more out of logistics, with passion

The Logistiks Center Hamburg Hinderer GmbH & Co. KG is, with its experienced staff, your friendly logistics partner in and around Hamburg.

In 2000 in Hamburg-Allermöhe, the foundation stone for LCH was laid with the construction of its first warehouse. In 2004 LCH expanded its existing warehouse to add a fourth hall. In 2009, an increase in demand fueled further growth with the construction of the Winsen (Luhe) site, and finally, with the construction of a second hall in Winsen in 2013. Presently, our locations in Hamburg and Winsen store a variety of goods from the automotive, food, media, and consumer goods sector in warehouses covering over 24,000 m2 with 41,500 shelf storage units, and 9000 block storage locations.

When you choose LCH, logistics become one less thing to worry about. We handle your products with the greatest of care and attention to detail, taking over all necessary logistic work. LCH is more than just storage, we are your complete logistics service provider. We also manage goods receipt control and packaging; provide reliable order processing; delivery note preparation; the picking, packaging, and delivery for dispatch for third-party collectors. Additionally, we take care of the forwarding to CEP services, transports, and return processing, in short:


Service as individual as you.

Tailoring our services to fit your specific needs is our most important priority.

  • Order processing – delivery note creation / invoicing
  • Data transfer to CEP service providers
  • Packing and picking
  • Express delivery
  • IT-supported warehouse management, including scanning
  • Customs clearance via NCTS
  • Bonded customs warehouse
  • Documentation for export shipments
  • Europe-wide land transportation
  • Container trailer truck transport
  • Repackaging of goods
  • Returns processing
  • Quality control according to customer specifications

Complete Logistics Concept

“Save time and money by solving all your logistic needs with LCH…”



As your logistics specialist, we handle all logistics-related tasks along the value chain.



Our modern warehouse logistics ensure quick and competent management of your goods. Our complete service is based on high tech standards for the smooth handling of your products.



Whether by truck or container trailer truck, national or international, or express – we bring your products in motion. With LCH we have a solution for everything.

Customs clearance


As a professional logistics service provider, we also handle the necessary formalities for customs declaration and customs clearance.


Value Added Services


We see ourselves not only as a professional logistics service provider, but also as a value-adding partner along the supply chain of our customers.




We believe in delivering quality that protects your processes in a way that is sustainable.