As your logistics specialist, we handle all your logistics-related tasks along the value chain.

With our years of experience, we work with you to find individual solutions for all your logistical requirements.

Let our experts help:

  • advise
  • plan
  • organize
  • and develop

the most economically optimal solution for the flow of your goods.

We create opportunities. Take advantage of the bundled logistics expertise you find at LCH.


Our modern logistics ensure quick and competent management of your goods. Our complete service is based on high tech standards for the smooth handling of your products.

With a total of over 24,000 m2, 41,400 high-bay storage shelves, and 9,000 block storage places, we offer you extensive warehousing options. Our services and dedication are born from a passion for logistics and include:

  • Container loading and unloading
  • Truck loading and unloading
  • Goods receipt and exit checks
  • Input and output scanning
  • Picking and packing
  • Relaying goods
  • Repackaging logistics
  • Bulk storage
  • High-bay storage
  • Taking inventory

Your products are in good hands with LCH. The security of your merchandise is of the utmost importance to us. We protect your goods by using:

  • Internal and external guard services
  • Biometric controlled access to warehouse
  • Fire and burglar alarm systems
  • Ceiling and line sprinkler systems
  • Camera surveillance
  • Frost-proof storage

Modern IT and software management systems ensure the security of your data as well. We would be happy to tailor an IT connection per your requirements.

We see ourselves not only as a professional logistics service provider, but also as a value-adding partner along the supply chain of our customers. With our value-added-services, you are able to act quickly and flexibly in the market.

We also find the right place for your products.


Whether by truck or container trailer truck, national or international, or express – we bring your products in motion. With LCH, there’s a solution for everything.

Either as full or partially loaded truck, or even a single pallet or parcel service, we always find the best possible solution for you. Our partnerships in maritime, airfreight, road transport, and logistics create a synergy that enables us to find the optimal solutions for our customers.

All our locations are based in the immediate vicinity of one of the largest logistics hubs in Europe: The Port of Hamburg.

Our transport services include:

  • Container trailer trucking
  • Connecting your products to CEP services
  • Nationwide 24 / 48h general cargo services, partial and full loads
  • Europe-wide land transportation

The Hamburg Logistiks Center moves your goods: Fast, flexible, and around the clock

Think in details, with a big view.

LCH stands out amongst the crowd through our ability to react to challenges quickly and flexibly and all the while delivering high quality results. We achieve this through our dedication to implementing the most modern standards in warehousing technology, safety, and development.

Customs clearance

As a professional logistics service provider, we also handle the necessary formalities for customs declaration and customs clearance.

We will happily advise you about customs procedures and execute customs processing according to your requirements and wishes by:

  • Approved consignor / consignee
  • Bonded warehouse type D
  • Customs clearance via NCTS
  • Documentation

Together we always find the right solution.

Value Added Services

We see ourselves not only as a professional logistics service provider, but also as a value-adding partner along the supply chain of our customers. With our value-added services, you are able to act quickly and flexibly in the market.

By offering various product and process oriented services before, during, and after classic transport and warehousing services enables the optimization of the entire value chain. Value added services include:

  • Quality control/testing
  • Product enhancement
  • Packaging/repackaging
  • Marking/labeling and unmarking/label removal
  • Stretching and wrapping
  • Display construction
  • Pre-assemblage of goods
  • Labeling/pricing
  • Return/complaint processing

We are happy to adapt our services to suit our customer’s individual needs.


Quality that protects your processes.

Quality and sustainability are important to us. LCH has long recognized the importance of a high-quality service and has acted according to the maxim “Quality is our priority.” Our company is certified according to the international standards for quality acc. ISO 9001: 2008, as well as the organic certificate acc. Article 29 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007.

An essential element to providing unparalleled services is having qualified employees. LCH, therefore, relies on experienced employees with industry expertise. We also feel a responsibility for the future. As an officially recognized IHK training company, young people are trained here to become trustworthy specialists. We offer training for jobs in forwarding and logistics, as well as for specialists in warehouse logistics. In addition, LCH offers fork-lift operation training to their own employees and those of partner companies.

Responsibility = shaping the future